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History of DePaul Province

Province History

The Church is blessed with a number of religious congregations by which compassionate face of Christ is revealed to the world. The Congregation of the Sisters of Charity (CSC) is a religious community of Pontifical Right for women in the Syro-Malabar Church which received the patrimony of faith from St. Thomas the Apostle. Designed by God, through the hands of our Founder the Servant of God, Fr. A. J. Ukken, CSC to be the everlasting melodious song of Christ’s compassionate love.

As the number of members and houses was increased (In India & abroad), it was divided in to three branches for convenient and efficient administration.


  • Maria Province ( Koorkenchery)
  • De Paul Province (Potta)
  • Santhome Province ( Ghaziabad)    

De Paul Province

De Paul Province was established on 25th March 1995 and had taken St. Vincent De Paul as the heavenly patron of the province. Provincial Office started functioning at Pratheeksha Bhavan, Irinjalakuda, later it is shifted to newly build provincialate at Potta in 2000. De Paul Province has religious houses in the eparchy of Irinjalakuda, Ernakulam, Kanjirappally and Thiruvanathapuram and can be extended to southern eparchies of Syro Malabar church in Kerala. In 1998 it started a mission station in Maharashtra in Chavara mission Dhule in the diocese of Kalyan and in 2012  Eisenstardt in Austria. Presently De Paul province has nearly 374 members 44 communities in different parishes. Sr. Daisy is the present Provincial Superior. The team members are Sr. Maneesha (Vicar Provincial- Evangelization), Sr. Ruth (Councillor - Education & Catechism) Sr.Christella (Councillor - Finance) Sr. Gildas (Councillor - Socio –Medical) Sr. Placid (Provincial Auditor) Sr. Santhwana (Provincial Secretary) Sr. Salvin (Provincial Treasurer)   

Our Main Apostolic Concerns:

Accepting the Compassionate love of Crucified Jesus as the charism of the congregation, our sisters witness the charism and special spirit of the CSC through various apostolic services such as:

  • Spiritual Guidance


Involving in catechism and other activities related to the Church.

  • Health Ministry

Running health centres, hospitals and counciling centres in rural areas and rendering service in govt. hospitals and medical colleges.

  • Education Ministry

Providing formal & non-formal education especially in rural and tribal areas.

Special schools for the differently able and physically challenged.

Vocational training centres and rehabilitation centres.

Awareness programmes for children , adults and Parents.


  1. Family Apostolates
  2. Balabhavans for poor and orphans
  3. Tailoring institutes
  4. Social service centres
  5. Old Age Home
  6. Children’s club
  7. Rehabilitation for the mentally challenged.
  8. Mental Rehabilitation centres for woman and men.

Being the compassionate hearts, hands, eyes and ears of the crucified Jesus, the members of De Paul Province try to spread the fragrance of His love in the present world.